mardi 18 octobre 2016

3 Ingredient Banana Bread

3 ripe bananas mashed up
-2 eggs
-1 box of yellow cake mix
-~nuts are optional~

How to make it :

Mash the bananas
Mix in your eggs
add nuts now if you are using them
Then mix in the cake mix.

*Bake in 2 small loaf pans
for about 40 mins at 350 degrees.

*You can freeze one of the loaves for later.

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Scarlett Vale a dit…

I love banana bread, so the idea of a three-ingredient shortcut interested me. I don't know why the directions were written this way, but nuts should be added last in any recipe. I followed the instructions this time, but it was difficult to break up all the cake mix lumps with the nuts in the way, so I won't do that again. Also, there wasn't enough batter for two loaves, but too much for one. I ended up pouring all into an 8"x10" and baking for 35 minutes. Bottom line, cake was moist and the flavor was great!

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