samedi 24 octobre 2015

Easiest fudge

1 can sweetened condensed milk
12 ounces chocolate chips (use your preference – milk chocolate, bittersweet, semi-sweet, dark – they are all good)
1 tsp vanilla extract

A double boiler (or a heat-proof bowl and saucepan)
8″x8″ pan
Parchment paper

How to make it :

Gather your ingredients and tools.
In your double boiler, melt the chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk over medium heat.
Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract.
Line an 8″x8″ pan with parchment paper, pour the mixture in the pan, and spread evenly. Place the pan in the fridge for 3-4 hours, or until firm.
Turn the fudge onto a cutting board. Peel the paper off and cut into squares.
Display on a spooky platter and you have quick, easy fudge that everyone will think you worked forever on!

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Carol Hamel a dit…

Can you just microwave this

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